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The intro survey is here: http://survey.x14n.org/index.php/128369. Please complete it if you haven't yet done so.

Also, Lab 1 was updated this evening. If you downloaded the lab before midnight Tues Sep 27, please re-download it.


Lab 1: Fractions and Pigeons

Lab 1 is now available here.
For this lab, you will be assigned a collaborator. Each person should turn in their own write-up as a hard copy.

This lab is due at the beginning of class next Tues, 3 Sep 2013.

Survey Results: Survey timings, coin flip simulations, and a word cloud.

You can find a pdf of results from the coin flips class survey here.


Week 2 - Aug 27th

Laws of Probability 
Introduction to Sample Space
Lab 2 (Sep 10)
DW Chapter 1


Class Activity: Coin Flips

Today in class we generated 3 sequences of 0s and 1s. The first 2 sequences were generated by humans. The final sequence was generated by flipping a single coin 50 times. We then chose one of the 3 sequences at random (using the coin flips) to write on the board. Drew, Ara, and Christian each guessed on whether the chosen sequence was generated by a human or coin based on 3 different criteria:

* Total number of heads
* Total number of transitions
* Number of runs of length 5 or 6

Before the next class, please enter your data into the survey here:
Next week in class, we'll take a look at the data.

Administrative notes:
* Lab 1 will be assigned on Tues Aug 27.
* The weekly reading quiz will be on Thurs Aug 29.


Class Survey

Please fill out the class survey here:

Please use your gmail address to sign up for the survey. After you sign up, you should receive an email at your gmail address sent by probforsci at x14n dot org. If you need a gmail account, you can sign up here:


Week 1

We have a few details for you before classes start next week.

1.  We will be using two books in class that available from Amazon.com
for a combined total of $25.  We recommend you order these as soon as
is convenient.
  * The Drunkard's Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives
  * The Cartoon Guide to Statistics

2. There is a survey to take as well if you are registered for the class.