Drew's Central Limit Theorem Demonstration

Here's the demo application that we used in class. It simulates adding up dice rolls similar to what we did in class today.


Data entry survey: reaction times

The reaction times survey is here.
It is worth 5 points.

Week 5 survey results: number of heads (binomial distribution)

I've made a movie out of the coin-flip results. Each frame of the movie adds a single coin-flip.

I plotted 2 histograms: the top one shows the total number of each result, and the bottom shows the proportion or density of each result. You can see the Y-axis of the top histogram change as we add flips.

What would this movie look like if we added another 1,000 flips?

Movie Link


Lab 2

The Lab 2 answer key is available here.

A lab rewrite can earn you up to 50% of missed points. Rewrite questions are marked with @@.

Identify errors/typos in the key for extra credit. See answer key for details.

Note that Lab 2 is worth 95 points (it says 100 on the assignment - typo), with a possible 5 points of extra credit.


Class Feedback Survey

The class feedback survey is now available here.
As usual, you need to register with a gmail address, but your responses will be anonymous.

This survey is worth 5 points.


Lab 1 Answer Key (Updated)

The answer key to Lab 1 is now available here.

Edit: The link is now working.


Week 3 Survey: More dice rolls.

The data entry survey for dice tosses from class on 3 Sep is now available here.

Extra: Venn Diagram Deconstruction

This is a smart and funny blog post about Venn Diagrams that I found while researching material for week 2. Highly recommended.

Prostitutes, Doctors, and TSA Agents

Lab 2: Rules of probability, games, and DNA.

Lab 2 is now available here.
5 points extra credit for identifying any technical errors (e.g. non-grammar/spelling).

We will make sure everyone has a collaborator by the end of Thurs class.


Week 2 Survey: Dice rolls

The data entry survey for the dice rolls activity from class on Thurs 29 Aug is now available here.