Christian Gunning, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Biology

I study the disease ecology of childhood diseases such as measles and whooping cough in the Wearing Lab. I frequently use probability distributions and computer simulations in my work. R is my favorite programming language!

Ara Kooser, Graduate Student, Chemical Biology

I study bacteria-rock interactions and bacteria community chemical interactions in extreme environments. I use python and R to answer questions about all my data.

Drew Levin

Drew Levin is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Computer Science in the Adaptive Computation Lab under professor Stephanie Forrest.  His research involves observing naturally evolved autonomous distributed systems such as the human immune system and ant colonies and applying observed natural search strategies to computational systems such as parallel processing and swarm robotics.
    Drew is an avid player of cards and board games and occasionally hosts game nights in the Computer Science Department.  Before coming to UNM to study natural distributed systems, Drew played poker professionally for two years!

Prof. Erik Erhardt

Erik is the Instructor of Record overseeing this course. Prof Erhardt is an Assistant Professor of Statistics at the University of New Mexico Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Director of the Statistics Consulting Clinic, and Co-Director of the Biostatistics and Neuroinformatics (STATNI) Core for the Center for Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) in Brain Function and Mental Illness program for the Mind Research Network. His research interests include Bayesian and Frequentist statistical methods for stable isotope sourcing and brain imaging. Erik is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Interfaces Scholar collaborating in interdisciplinary research and offering consulting services in statistics.

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