Class Activity: Coin Flips

Today in class we generated 3 sequences of 0s and 1s. The first 2 sequences were generated by humans. The final sequence was generated by flipping a single coin 50 times. We then chose one of the 3 sequences at random (using the coin flips) to write on the board. Drew, Ara, and Christian each guessed on whether the chosen sequence was generated by a human or coin based on 3 different criteria:

* Total number of heads
* Total number of transitions
* Number of runs of length 5 or 6

Before the next class, please enter your data into the survey here:
Next week in class, we'll take a look at the data.

Administrative notes:
* Lab 1 will be assigned on Tues Aug 27.
* The weekly reading quiz will be on Thurs Aug 29.

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