Annotated Outline Instructions

The annotated outline (Due Thurs 14 Nov) is an expanded version of your proposal, and will form the outline of your poster. This should be typed, and written to address a non-technical audience (can a high school senior understand it?). As noted in class, probability and statistics Wikipedia pages will be considered valid sources for this project.

The format for the annotated outline is as follows:

  • Introduction (200 words max, at least 2 sources)
    • Background of the research system
    • Problem statement
    • Significance of problem
  • Methods (200 words max, at least 2 sources)
    • Describe data, including source, number of samples, variables, whether data collection is complete.
    • Analysis: What will you do to answer the question, and how did you choose these methods? How will you interpret the results? Describe any (nontrivial) assumptions you'll be making.
  • Discussion (200 words max)
    • Expected outcome and reasoning.
    • Significance of results.

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