Final Project Details

The final poster session will be on Thursday, the 5th of December. Feel free to invite friends/family to this class.

Key points to keep in mind as you work on the written projects:

  • The written report is *separate* from your poster. We strongly encourage you to complete your written reports early so you have ample time to focus on your poster.
  • Mark corresponding author, include email address.

  • Your report should be between 500 and 1,000 words total (including captions). Use simple, declarative statements - avoid "flowery" language like "we intend to", "we hope to", "it might be the case that", etc.

  • When there are multiple authors, use "We" rather than "I".

  • Aim for 3-5 final figures. Each figure should be numbered, have sensible axis labels w/units, and a 2-3 sentence caption.

  • Always spell check.

  • Bibliography: you can use any accepted style. An online tool like this can be helpful.

Poster details:
  • We will be printing posters for you. Thus, we need a final version by 5pm Tues 3 Dec.
  • To submit your poster, export your finished poster from Powerpoint as a pdf and email it to the class address.
  • I strongly suggest that each group reads this post about poster design. It includes several templates that you can use to start your poster. The final poster size should be 36" wide by 24" tall.

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